MCVI’s Run For Your Heart

Today Stephanie and I participated in the 5K at MCVI’s Run For Your Heart.  We did well and it was a nice run along the Saginaw river.

Wedding Plans

Scott and I have been planning our wedding for months. I have loved all the conversations we have had that have gotten us to our final decisions on everything from table clothes to wedding bands. This process has shown us what a good team we are and how we can work things out and both come out happy. It has also been fun working with our family and friends on planning things; they have shown us great love and support!

Our invitation design and colors have guided our decision making throughout the process as well as our need to adhere to our budget. One way we are staying in budget is by making some things ourselves and with the help of family. Scott and I are brewing and bottling our own beer for the reception.  We are going to make personalized bottle labels and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

Warrior Dash 2012

Over the weekend Stephanie and I participated in Warrior Dash in Mt. Morris.  It was a blast and we finished in 1:20.